This is copy of a message sent to all persons that reported 2017 Fly-A-Thon flights to us at the email address:

Thank you for reporting your and/or your group's participation in the 10th Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon! Again this year, in spite of wide spread bad weather, our 4298 flights by 723 pilots broke last year's record of 3928 Ringmaster flights by 694 pilots!!! Well done!! Every year for 10 straight years we have broken the previous year's record of numbers of flights and pilots!! With your help we will do it again next year.

We have attached a PDF file summarizing the final results and please share it with your fellow control line fliers especially those that flew with you this year.

Next year's Fly-A-Thon will be held on October 6th & 7th and we will be sending you a copy of the 2018 11th Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon informational flyer shortly after New Years so that you can be sure and mark your 2018 calendar for those dates.

We always enjoy your stories of how the Fly-A-Thon went for you and your fellow fliers. Feel free to send additional comments, video links and photos to the Ringmaster email address you used for reporting this year's event

We are looking eagerly forward to flying with you and hundreds of other control line modelers celebrating our wonderful hobby next October. One flight or a hundred plus flights they all are confirming that control line modeling is alive and well and the hobby is being supported by your participation!!

Tight lines and soft landings for you and your fellow modelers,

Larry Marx and John Cralley

For the Brotherhood of the Ring